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Selection of glass curtain wall
Release date:【2013.1.2】

Glass curtain wall to which the large area glass used in building outer wall, can fully reflect the imagination of the architect, show building of modern style, play the glass itself characteristic, make the building appear to have a style of one's own: bright, lively, tall and straight, with modern taste, and give people a new feeling. In recent years, with the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standard, the glass curtain wall at home and abroad have been widely used, but with more and more. Because glass is fragile, together with glass curtain wall and more general application in the buildings, broken glass is inevitable, broken glass may have harmful. According to the information display in Beijing only in 1999 6498 causes of glass breakage and wounding incident, and there are many deaths. Although in recent years the glass industry production technology has been constantly improved, more and more variety, on the glass of the choice of more and more space, but how to reasonable use glass to make the wall safety achieve better ideal state, it is necessary to the security of the glass curtain wall has a more comprehensive understanding of.

In 1, the main factors influencing the safety of glass curtain wall

Glass curtain wall of the security hidden danger comes mainly from the glass crack, shedding, the sunlight is not reasonable reflection. Glass breakage may cause pieces of glass fall and hurt, may also have a glass sheet off and hurt, the sunlight is not reasonable reflection particularly high reflectivity of the glass on the reflected glare is one of the factors of insecurity. As a result of falling glass, sometimes occurs throughout the curtain wall of the shed, the major causes of the accident is the choice of glass to glass or improper improper construction to. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other big city in the formulation of safety regulations to standardize the use of glass curtain wall.

By 2, glass breakage, shedding reason analysis

Glass breakage, loss is mainly due to the improper selection of glass or glass construction problems. First of all, the glass is fragile, on the surface of the glass exist many crack and cause the glass strength than its theoretical strength is much lower, when in use, extremely easy to cause the glass breakage; secondly, in broken glass back part exposed sharp edge or sharp corners are extremely easy to cause the injury; third, glass especially glass curtain wall are generally installed in more exposed areas, prone to breakage.

Glass breakage in addition to anthropogenic forcing function has the following several aspects: first, the glass thermal cracking, glass especially heat absorbing glass, heat reflective glass under sunlight on a glass surface to form uneven temperature field, thus formed in the glass heat stress, when the thermal stress over the glass strength allow exploded; second, glass under wind load is the wind pressure, wind pressure is larger than the glass strength allowed exploded; third, tempered glass from glass exploded; fourth, glass installation of the existence of larger stress over time glass also exploded; fifth, glass installation prior to or during the installation process of edge damage or crack exists, when subjected to other external force exploded; sixth, in the earthquake, snow and other factors influence the occurrence of crushing or breaking. Exploding glass may break off and become unsafe factors.

3, improve the glass safety measures

Ensure glass safety the most effective measures is first to prevent glass breakage; second is to prevent falling glass; third is not the glass to generate light pollution.

To prevent the glass crack from the following considerations:

( 1) a reasonable choice of glass, glass area tends to explode, area may be determined with reference to JGJ102-96 " technical code for glass curtain wall engineering ".

( 2 ) to the selection of reinforced glass is tempered glass and heat transfer of single strong glass ( half toughened glass ), especially heat strengthened glass. The strength of tempered glass is annealed glass 3-5 times, can effectively resist wind and snow load and external shocks, but tempered glass explode problems exist. Heat strengthened glass strength although only about half toughened glass, but heat strengthened glass is not easy to explode.

( 3) when the selection of heat absorbing glass, hot glass curtain wall in the reverse toward the sun, raw glass sheet is preferably after heat treatment. Because this part of the glass is extremely prone to thermal cracking.

( 4) production of glass curtain wall in front of the original film to use should be treated, the simplest is the belt to the edge, the ideal approach is to fine grinding to remove the glass edge crack.

( 5) during the installation of glass do not leave the assembly stress in glass. According to the relevant standards for construction, minimize glass deformation.

Prevent falling glass measure:

( 1) choice of laminated glass. Laminated glass and toughened glass is called safety glass. Laminated glass due to the presence of thermoplastic organic material of the intermediate layer, it occurs when broken can be maintained as a whole and are fixed in the frame, no shedding phenomenon, especially with glass top roof, the adjacent streets, high-rise buildings, busy commercial street glass must choose laminated glass.

( 2) selects the towel film glass. Towel film glass in the glass surface is pasted with a layer of transparent organic film, it can also keep a whole broken.

( 3 ) as far as possible not to choose the hidden frame glass curtain wall, and the choice of semi implicit method. Hidden frame curtain wall in the selection of structural glue and construction should pay special attention to structural adhesive quality, and glass and frame, frame the compatibility between the glass surface processing.

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